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How do you insert a fastener (bolt) into a part

Question asked by Reno Simpson on Feb 2, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2010 by Simon Richardson

I have been trying to do this in many different way now for approximately 9 hours!!, yes 9 hours!!. Not finding Solidworks to user friendly compared to AutoCAD.

I have one part (A) with two holes that need bolts.

The part is used in an assembly in 4 spots.

Part (A) slides over part (B) that has corresponding holes.

I have tried using the tool called "smart fasteners" which should be renamed to "worthless fastener tool"  Bolts, nuts and washers wont snap to part (A) and if I try to edit what they are attached under edit grouping it won't allow me to remove part (B). 

I should be able to just add 2 bolts to my part (A) that was inserted 4 times to part (B) in the assembly, save it, go back to the assembly refresh/ update it and have 8 bolts.

But Solidworks is not allowing me to add bolts to a part unless I add it to a assembly, insert bolts, delete all Part (A)'s and there thousand mates, insert 4 new assemblies of part (A) with bolts to larger assembly with part (B) add another thousand mates to keep it in place.