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eDwg 2009 no dimension values on screen, eDwg 2010 crashes

Question asked by 1-KCSFTQ on Feb 1, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2010 by Paul Kaiser
Previously, eDrawings 2009 has not worked properly on my Toshiba laptop.  When trying to measure something, the selection process works correctly, the edges highlight to show selection, a leader line appears, but the actual measurement data doesn't appear on screen at the end of the leader line.  This happens whether XP Home or XP Pro.  Everything else seems OK.  So decided to try eDrawing 2010.  Program opens OK, but the moment I try to load an xxx.easm file that worked on 2009, the 2010 version crashes.  So I'm open to fixing either problem (or perferably both.)  Any thoughts why the measurement data itself doesn't show on my screen?  Seems that it probably is tied to the lack of an approved driver card, but doesn't eDrawings have a default, simple, non-accelerated software driver that I can fall back on?