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SW09 Slow saving over the Network.

Question asked by Michael Kramer on Feb 1, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2010 by Michael Kramer

We just upgraded from SW06 SP5.0 to SW09 SP4.0 and now are experiencing some long save times working over the network. A simple 1.5mb part drawing file went from 3 seconds (SW06) to 20 seconds. I compared this with one of our machines we replaced that is a laptop that runs 32 bit XP and get the same results. (well same 09 results can't run 06 on Vista) So the new computers are not an issue. I have also turned off the real time scan of Trend Micro of any SW file on the workstation and the Server. I have attached a picture of the performance monitor that shows the differences between 06 & 09. Is that just the nature of 09 or is there something wrong? Why in 09 does it spike then send and recieve the same amount of data compaired to 06 where it just spike for the save?  Would anyone be willing to take a snapshot of a save profile of the byte sending and receiving profiles to see if the 09 is the same as mine with someone else when saving over a network if anyone could find the time. You will have to use the Perfomance Monitor und Admin Tools of the control Panal. Then add two counters of the Network Bytes Send and Recieve.


Other info:

Turned off all the options I can think of that are in the System Options like Verification on rebuild and Mass Properties, ect.

When saved locally it is about the same for 06 or 09.


Old Computer

Core 2 T7400 @ 2.16GHz


Quadro 1500




New Computers

Xeon W3520 @ 2.67 GHz


VISTA Business 64bit

Quadro FX 580 (with latest approved driver)

100mb LAN Line (1gig line made no difference)


SW Server

No real data but only has the SWLM and the SW files on it.


Thank you for your time.