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New or modified items won't check into a valid workflow

Question asked by 1-DH721V on Feb 1, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2011 by Joel Magnuson

Starting last Friday everyone in our PDM system has been unable to check in any new parts into any workflow. Most of the parts that we are trying to check in are pre-existing and were actually checked out from one of the workflows, now it says "The document does not meet the conditions of any workflow" when we try and check it back in. The same goes for any new parts. We have no categories set up so everything is defined by a workflows condition, and each workflow condition is a filepath specifying the root folder. (ex. Projects\%, Design Library\%, Procedures\%, etc.), I have checked all of my conditions and they are all valid. Also, each condition in each workflow is unique to that workflow and that workflow only. I've submitted a help ticket with my VAR and they're are as stumped as I am and have escalated my issue to SolidWorks. Here are the test results that we have come up with so far;


You can Check-out and check-in if the file is not modified.


You can check-out an assembly delete parts from it, save and check-in


You can NOT check-in after adding parts


You can NOT check-out and change the file (have to get the latest version and then undo the check-out)


You can NOT check in a new file. (Doesn't meet conditions)


So I'm sitting here scratching my head thinking "WTF?" while I'm waiting for SolidWorks to get a hold of me. There has to be something that I'm missing and I'm hoping that one of you fine folks might point me in that direction. Thanks in advance.