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2009 SP4.1 Student Edition x32 Install FAIL

Question asked by 1-OYT7RK on Jan 30, 2010
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   My university provides a free student edition to all engineers. Previously, I had Solidworks 2008 SP4 Student Edition installed on my laptop (C2D, 4GB memory, Nividia Quadro NVS140m), and it ran fine, until I needed to do some ansys simulations. Their was a failure most likely related to Ansys not acquiring a proper license, however, I figured it couldn't hurt to upgrade my solidworks installation. WRONG.


Download the install dvd, mount, begin install and: Solidworks Installation Wizard: Unable to find appropriate resource DLL. This has occured on two seperate windows XP machines, one with a virtually fresh install and no previous solidworks copy.


I have followed these instructions to the tee:, I've re-downloaded the install file (no short task given its 7.26gb file size), all with the same results.


Any suggestions? I'm going to start making phone calls, but would like other suggestions. FYI, google was useless on this one.