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Nothing but problems with installs and patches

Question asked by Robin Oury on Jan 29, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2010 by Derek Bishop

I have to say I'm greatly dissapointed with this latest release of Solidworks.  Having been a SW user for 15 years now I have never seen such a disaster with installs and patches as what SW has become.


Incorrect codes, codes that take days and days to activate, service packs which won't run, service packs which corrupt machines, admin images which are nothing but a headache and of course, installs off an admin image which can no longer be patched with patches.


My var has blamed everything but phazes of the moon and I've seen nothing but downtime.  More downtime than uptime at this point.


What a nightmare.


It's been 2 days of trying to patch an admin install with the new (and supposedly fixed) Service Pack 2.1 and all I have now is TWO corrupted machines.  Started with one, but my VAR blamed the memory on a custom built machine, so to prove him full of BS I had to run the install on a HP 8510W (which was working), and it blew that one up too.  Now I have nothing but junk again.


And of course, after expressing to him how important it was that I have working software for the weekend so I could get my job done, he goes home.


I am about fed up with this buggy ass nonsense at this point.