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Equations not updating in an assembly

Question asked by Ron Betser on Jan 29, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2010 by Tony Szuta
I have an issue with some equations that don't rebuild in an assembly. Here is the back story. I have a plate that has rails mounted to it. I have tapped holes from the hole wizard in the rails. The spacing of the holes are as follows. I converted an edge of the mold plate and made that line a construction line. I put a dimension on that line and it is reference dimension only the line is controlled by the edge I converted. So the equation for my first hole wizard hole is D1@sketch3 = D2@sketch3 /2 - .5   D1 is the converted line. So if D1 is 17 the equation equals 8. Then I used linear pattern while still in the hole wizard sketch and patterned the holes with a new equation D3@sketch3 = D1@sketch3 /2  So using the result above this will equal 4. Now if I change the size of the plate the edge I converted will change and my equations should have new solutions. However the holes will not move. In order for the equations to solve I need to either open the part file and hit rebuild or edit the part in the assembly edit the hole wizard feature do nothing to it just hit ok and it will then update. Any ideas on why it doesn't want to update inside the assembly?