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Part revision vs drawing revision

Question asked by Joseph Lewinski on Jan 28, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by Rasmus Kirkegaard

My apologies if this has already been covered.  I've searched through the posts but could not find an answer.


How does your revision scheme handle part and drawing revisions.  For example, we have a part 12345 that is a newly released part.  Both the part and the drawing are at revision zero (0).  Somewhere down the road, it becomes obvious that a dimension is missing from the drawing.  At this point, the drawing is fixed and should be at the next revision level (in this case, revision (1)).  The part HAS NOT changed, so it should remain at revision zero (0).  So far, so good.  The drawing number is now 12345-01.  Now, the customer has decided that the part should be 2" longer than it was.  In THIS case, the part must be bumped to revision one (1) AND the drawing must be bumped to revision two (2) because BOTH have to be modified.  Does the number now become 12345-01-02?


I hope I am being clear enough on this.  Maybe I'm just confusing myself.


Any clarification on this will be GREATLY appreciated!


Joe L.