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    Sketch isn't refreshed

    Charly Meyer



      I have a large assembly and when I tried to modify a sketch I could see a bug.


      Here is a description of the steps I follow to reproduce the bug:

      I open the sketch to be modified. I select a point of the sketch and then I drag it. The sketch disapears but I still can see the point I'm draging.

      I have to zoom in or out to refresh the sketch.


      I use SW 2009 sp4 with an nvidia geforce 8600 gp. I just installed the latest graphics card driver from nvidia web site but the bug is still there.


      Did anyone have this issue before?




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          Stuart Moore
          This is almost certainly a graphics card compatibility problem.  Your card is not SolidWorks certified so all bets are off.  You need a quadro FX or FirePro card.
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              Daniel Smith

              As Stuart said.


              Your using a gamers card not a "professional" card.  There is great debate on the difference between the professional level cards and gamer style cards.  You don't need a high end pro card the lower to mid range cards work fine unless you do tons of rendering.

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                  Charly Meyer

                  Yes my graphics card isn't certified by SW. This is may be the origin of the problem.

                  I don't do rendering. Do you have a graphics card to recommend with similar performances?


                  I also noticed that when I open the part and modify the sketch like I described before, the refreshing works ok.

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                      Paul Marsman

                      if you are opening just the part your card isn't being maxed out because it only needs to show you a little bit, but if you are doing that in the assembly it has to show you all those parts too.


                      You could try and turn the OpenGL to software in your system options for SolidWorks and see if that helps.

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                          Charly Meyer

                          The OpenGL option doesn't help.


                          I switched my Nvidia ge force 8600 gt graphics card for an ATI FireGL V7700 graphics card and then repeated the steps to reproduce the bug. The bug is still there.


                          On another computer I opened my assembly and repeated the steps to reproduce the bug and it worked ok! . This PC has an Nvidia ge force 7600 gt (SW 2009 SP3.0) My PC and this PC have both Vista 64x


                          Then I put back my Nvidia ge force 8600 gt graphics card and the IT guy of my compagny upgraded the bios and changed the color scheme of Vista to save some memory. The bug is still there!

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                              Jerry Steiger



                              If you go on the SW website to the Resources and select System/Graphic Card Requirements you will find that the GeForce 8600 is not certified, the ATI FireGL V7700 is certified for Vista 64 and the GeForce 7600 has limitations. I would guess that it didn't work with the V7700 because you didn't have the correct driver (8.543 or 8.453.1; the latest driver on the supplier website is not always the right one to use). The fact that it worked with the 7600 is a pretty good indication that it is a graphics card issue.


                              Jerry Steiger

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                                  Chris Challinor

                                  "The fact that it worked with the 7600 is a pretty good indication that it is a graphics card issue."


                                  and the fact that it is a totally different computer would not mean a thing?


                                  A better test would be to put that card in the computer that has the problem to eliminate any other issues............


                                  BTW, I use "gamer cards" for my laptop and main computer to do SW work, only thing I dont get to use is realview. But I dont need that anyway...


                                  Having to use out of date drivers is also a sign of sloppy code writting...............I still contend it is a SW issue NOT a video card issue

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                                      Jerry Steiger



                                      Certainly the different computer could mean something. That's why I said "a pretty good indication", not "a lead pipe cinch". Switching graphics cards would narrow down the possibilities pretty nicely, although you could possibly still have a BIOS issue.


                                      I try not to worry too much about whether it is a SW problem or a video card driver problem. It seems like the pot calling the kettle black and vice versa.


                                      Jerry Steiger