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Compare Local Docs to Vault Docs?

Question asked by Jason McCrory on Jan 28, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2010 by Mac Baker

Is there a way to compare a file on the local machine to one in the PDM vault to see the differences?


When we last upgraded (to 2008), the PDM update didn't work so hot.... so huge swaths of our part library constantly give us the warning "This part will be converted to the new version of SolidWorks when saved". Consequently, if I work on a big assembly and update a handful of parts, I have a hard time sorting out the "real" updates from the crap ones.


Thankfully we're upgrading to SWX2010 in a month or two and hopefully this problem will go away... in the meantime, I'm ready to pull my hair out....


Please help me keep my hair... puhleeze!