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indexing problem (SW2009 SP4.1)

Question asked by Arodo Arodo on Jan 28, 2010
Latest reply on May 5, 2011 by Justin Young

We have a preety serious problem with indexing in our SolidWorks setup.

Our production environment=

* Server: Win 2003 R2 x64 + PDMWorks 2009 SP4.1

* Clients: Windows XP x64 + SolidWorks 2009 SP4.1


We migrated from SW 2007 SP5 to SW 2009 SP4.1 at the end of last year.


Indexing WAS turned off in the SW2007 setup, but we decided to turn it ON again.

* start Indexing service

* build catalog

* wait ... wait ... wait


When the Indexing process is completed, it has the following effects:

1. Searching in SolidWorks is FAST

2. Searching via PDM Web Viewer is FAST

3. Document properties are NO LONGER available when right clicking one of the results (after Searching in SolidWorks).

4. Document can NOT be opened from the result list (after Searching in SolidWorks). A icon 'open in SolidWorks' appears when hovering the document link, but the screen flashes for a second and nothing happens.


When I turn the Indexing Service back off, I get the opposite:

1. & 2. Searching is slow

3. Document properties are available again

4. Documents can be opened from the result list



These were the exact reasons why we disabled indexing on SW2007 in the first place

At the time, SW2007 was running on a different physical with Windows 2000 as OS.



We have been in touch with our VAR and with SolidWorks, but so far we have not been able to cure this problem.




We have set up several Virtual Machines on an ESXi server to see if I can reproduce the problem.

All Virtual machines have default SolidWorks installations (as opposed to our production environment which has a few customized bits) and have been created with a new, empty vault, where we put just 1 drawing.


We have created a few scenarios where everything is working as it should when Indexing is turned on:

1 & 2. Searching in both SolidWorks & PDMWeb Viewer is FAST

3. Document properties ARE available when right clicking the document link (after searching in SolidWorks)

4. Document CAN be opened from the result list (after searching in SolidWorks)



a. Windows XP (32bit) as server AND client => working

b. Windows XP (32bit) as in a. as server + other Win XP (32bit) as client => Working

c. Windows XP (32bit) as in a. as server +  physical production client (Windows XP x64) => Working


Next step was to replace the server component and test with the same clients:


d. Windows XP x64 as server  => not working with client a, b or c.

e. Windows 2003 x64 as server  => not working with client a, b or c.

f. Windows 2003 32bit as server  => not working with client a, b or c.


So, I'd think the problem is located on the server, somewhere...



Is there anyone who has experienced the same problems? - or better yet: solved them:)


I'd also like to hear if anyone has Indexing running like it should in an environment similar to ours. That would at least mean that the concept is working, and can probably be made to work here, too.