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Help - Long Custom Property Text Breaks Notes with Numbering...

Question asked by Eric Brown on Jan 27, 2010

Hi folks,


We use Custom Properties in Parts to save, among other things, the Finish required for our parts.  In the Drawing, we create a Note and for a given line, we enter this:  FINISH:  $PRPSHEET:"Finish" followed by an Enter key-press to start the next line.  Sometimes the Finish text in the Part's Finish Custom Property is lengthy (e.g., a long MIL SPEC for anodizing with a color requirement).

There are multiple lines entered for the Note in addition to the line for Finish.  Then we select the lines and click the button in the Formatting Dialog to select Numbering for the lines.

Now, if the Finish Custom Property is not too long compared to the space allocated for the Note's Text Box (i.e., enough so word wrapping doesn't need to occur), then everything is fine.

But, if the line containing that lengthy Custom Property needs to be wrapped then two problems happen:  First the indenting is broken, and, second, extra line breaks (like carriage returns) appear.  Both of these ruin the appearance and flow of the Note.  One shouldn't have to worry about how big the Note Text Box will be when designing the part.


There are work-arounds, but they are a real hassle (indenting manually and line numbering, or, creating a table for the notes, etc.)


Any ideas?  Thanks very much!  Best,