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EPDM 2010 Tasks not completing with <execute as logged in user> specified

Question asked by Tony Greising-Murschel on Jan 27, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by Dominic Martel

I've recently came across a problem where a task, in this case the Convert task, is unable to run and sits at 'Starting Up' in the task list when <execute as logged in user> is specified.  My username in the system is part of the admin group so rights are not an issue.  The task configuration is permitted and running the most current version of the add-in.


I will list the scenarios and the results.


  1. Task configured with <execute as logged in user>: task is stuck at starting up and log file shows belowLogLineError.png
  2. Task configured my username and password, instead of <execute as logged in user>; the PDF is created as specified but now my username shows up as 'Created By'ConvertTgr.png
  3. Task configured with Admin credentials; the PDF is created but now Admin shows up as 'Created By'


My question is why do my credentials allow me to log in to the vault as an admin and they allow me to run the task when I specify my credentials, but the task cannot be executed when 'logged in user' is specified even though my credentials will run?