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SP 5.0 slowed me down

Discussion created by Duane Roberts on Jan 27, 2010
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Since I put SP 5.0 on my pc, it has slowed to a snails pace.  SolidWorks is no longer up to par, to that of a LEOPARD!!!  What happened could any one tell me?  SP 4 was nice, clean, and fast, so I upgraded, now I am stuck with trying to make it work and too much stress.  Therefore, it seems that when I upgrade I get a crashed pc.  Everything is up to par plenty of resources could use some  more, ok but for at least three years now, each time we upgrade at the end of the year I spend about 6 months, of down time and fighting with some SolidWorks reseller.  What I get in return "You need to reformat and reinstall" lmfao.  Yeah right, I could wait a few months until they put out SP2 and SP3 and each will have about half the program on it lol.  What am I the guinea pig?  These do not look like service packs they look like the other three parts of the program that you were suppose to put together but failed to do so in time, now I pay for it because I cannot work fast enough, nor can I come up with solutions or causes.  REAL BIG PROBLEM.  So I figure I will rant because its time to do so, and I think I am going to try and get a jump on it because I wont use SWX2010 till around late June or so when the problems do start to regress with all the new service packs.  Sorry but not really when my job is on the line, I need not worry about trying to help you fix a program that’s supposed to be bigger, badder, and faster I rather get back to basics and solve real world issues.