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Has anyone used a electrical program with SW Routing

Question asked by Erik Balle on Jan 26, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2010 by Erik Balle

Has anyone used a electrical design program with Solidworks Electrical Routing? It looks like SolidWorks routing can take XML files for the from/to list for routing. Do all the electrical programs use a standard XML format or is there a lot of custom mapping set-up? We are looking at a couple elecrical schematic programs that can link to routing programs in differnt 3D solid model CAD systems. One that we are looking at and had demos on is PTC Pro/Engineer Routed System Designer, it was originally created by Medusa, it can export out a XML file for the from/to list, has anyone used this product with SolidWorks routing? There is also Zuken which is a third party SolidWorks add-in so this may be easier to interface but I haven't seen any demos on it. We are leaning to the PTC Pro/Engineer Routed System Designer since it has been around awhile and some larger companies use it, also our parent company that just bought us is using a PTC product CoCreate which can directly integrate with PTC Pro/Engineer Routed System Designer next month or two, so we can both use the same electrical design package.