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Adjusting Bump Strength and Texture Scale - some thoughts

Question asked by Matt Graves on Jan 27, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2010 by Aaron Baumgartner

Hello all,


I was really confused about how changes to the Bump Strength (BS) and Texture Scale Multiplier (TSM) are applied. After some experimentation I think I have it sorted out, but I have some criticisms/suggestions:

  • If your appearance menu screen isn't large enough, controls like TSM are hidden, and you have to hit a "flyout" button to access.
    • Suggestion - make the screen a fixed size, or at least make it so those key adjustments can be hidden.
  • BS is an absolute value, but TSM is a multiplier but both are expressed as a %.
    • Suggestion - make them both an absolute value, or remove the % from the BS; this is way too confusing.
  • TSM has an apply button, but BS doesn't; applying a change to the TSM does not affect a change to the BS, and visa versa.
    • Suggestion - I appreciate that this isn't so cut and dry if TSM remains a need an apply button because you don't want it automatically changing the scale by x% every time you update the appearance.   If you suspend color and BS changes and had a single apply button at the bottom of the screen that effects all changes, the TSM would have to default to 100% after each application to avoid the situation I mentioned above... seems much easier to make it an absolute value.

IMHO, I think the PhotoWorks menus work fine, and it would be nice to see their functionality brought forward in some way into the 2011 product.


Just my 2¢