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      good morning,


      is there any possibility of reproducing a deleted study if you have its cwr files?and if yes,how???



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          Derek Bishop
          Never done it but the obvious first attempt would be to put in the folder that is referenced by the FEA study in qeustion. Then open the part or assembly and see what happens.
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              i tried it but without result!

              i only want to  read the results..is there any .exe to read the results of cwr studies?????




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                  Try creating a result folder inside the document folder -- copy and paste all of the result files (including the .CWR).  Then, go into the study properties in the Simulation menu and set the results folder to the one that you just created.  The result plot icons will still be grey and appear as if they aren't there, but you should still be able to double click on them and treat them like normal.


                  Hope this helps,