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Xeon W3520(2.66Ghz) or E8500(3.16Ghz) for SW2008-2009

Question asked by 1-LMI31 on Jan 25, 2010



I should buy a new workstation for my company and i have two offers from my suppliers. Both configurations are based on Nvidia Quadro FX1800 graphical card but on the first proposition , i've got a Xeon Quad Core W3520 (2.66Ghz - 8MB cache) (DELL T3500 workstation)  and on the second, it's a E8500 Core2Duo processor (3.16Ghz - 6MB cache) (HP xw4600 workstation).

Can you tell me what is the best choice?

Should i look on i5 processor?


thanks a lot.