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nVidia GeForce GTX 260, 275, 285,...

Question asked by Robin Oury on Jan 24, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2010 by Daan Haeyen

I got this new ‘cad’ station built and the quadro card I got is a pooch (FX5500) especially for the $ - cha ching!  It’s going back.


This machine is not really a cad station anyway, but it’s what I could afford to spend right now, I’ll retask it in a few months when I can afford to build something real cad-ish.


Just a ‘lil ole i7 860 clocked to 3.75ghz w/ the ram running at 1600 777.  Not to shabby for $500, but nothing to write home about.


So instead of plunking down major coin on another quadro, I thought a geforce might get the job done for now.  Looking at the EVGA GTX 260 as the price point is right and the ‘egg has them in stock.


I know, I know, geforce cards aren’t really cad cards, but I’d think it would get the job done for now and would be well suited for a media center later.  And yes, I know SW doesn’t ‘certify’ these drivers, but frankly the drivers they do certify are old and kind of clunky anway (the one they certify for my fx570 lappy sux.)


Survey says?