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Problem with Routing 2010

Question asked by 1-GAFNP9 on Jan 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2010 by Derek Bishop



Am I the only one who got serious problem with Routing since upgrading to 2010? I'm not able anymore to get decent flatten route for simple cable assemblies, I've got a lot of error appears in routing assemblies without reason, some virtual parts appear into my cable assemblies that distort all cables, and so on...


Another example, if I create a cable in an assembly, no problem. When I take this assembly and insert it in another assembly, all my cable assemblies return me error and all the wire are no more defined and it's not possible to fix the problem.


I feel like they add a bunch of bugs in 2010 version and this compromise a lot of our project. I never get this kind of problem with 2009. If someone can help me with that or give me any clue about what could be the problem, I will appreciate.


thanks a lot.