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Large Displacement in linear static simulation

Question asked by 1-1CGP7F on Jan 21, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2010 by Ahmad Zulker

Does anyone have a comprehensive answer to what the limitations are of the large displacement option in the linear static solver?  If dealing with geometric non-linearity only (i.e. below yield stress etc), at what point would you say, "I now need to go to the non-linear simulation version"?


Wikipedia has a comment stating that Solidworks simulation "includes a partial support for geometric non-linear analysis (large displacement)". I assume this is the large displacement option in the simulation pro (linear static) version.  If the statement is true, how partial is partial?  Does it just mean that you can't tell it how many steps to use or is there more to it?  Again I'm only questioning geometric non-linearity, not material non-linearity or time stepping.


Another way to ask this question is, given the same parameters for the same problem in both the ""linear" with large displacement and the "non-linear" packages, would you get the same result?  I'll get a non-linear trial license shortly but was hoping for a heads-up first!  Thanks.