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Wanted - your feedback on 3DCC and examples at SWW

Question asked by Keri Prasky on Jan 21, 2010

Hi -


I will be at SolidWorks World in Anaheim and am very interested in meeting as many people as I can.  I will be at the SolidWorks booth a lot, but am also conducting a break-out session on Maximizing Your Efficiency With 3D ContentCentral on Wednesday, February 3rd from 1:30 - 2:30.  Please feel free to stop by and talk to me regarding any input you have for 3D ContentCentral.  In particular I have been reading in the Forum about how Users have been using Search and how it affects finding models.  If you could offer an example that would be great.  The more test cases we have, the better we can tune our Search for you!  I look forward to meeting a lot of you there!




Keri Prasky

QA and Operations Manager for Internet and Community Products