SW + Excel grinding the system to a halt

Discussion created by 1-N66ZLA on Jan 21, 2010
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Currently running SW2010 SP2.0 x64, Office 2007 and AVG Free 9 on Win 7 (64). I am not certain what the combination that causes this is or which software is to blame, but the combination is wreaking havoc with my system. The BOM for a particular drawing was too long to fit on the page size so I was investigating the different options which included the default SW BOM, Excel based BOM, OLE Excel embedded and OLE Excel linked. Eventually I deleted them all and made two SW BOM separated with hidden line items. As a side note, I chose the SW BOM over the Excel BOM because I didn’t want to mess with getting Excel to recognize the Custom Properties of the components; as often is the case, the documentation was severely lacking. At some point in this exercise, I don't remember exactly when, SW began to drag so badly that I could barely do anything in it. I opened the resource monitor to find that every 2 seconds a new session of Excel and the AVG core was being created and then dismissed. There were over 25 instances of Excel and AVG listed as pending closure. Sometimes this would happen only when my mouse was over the Excel table, other times it was constant. I found that if I actually opened Excel, this behavior stopped and when I closed it, it would begin again. Nice to have something that at least allows me to work, but that is beside the point.                                                                                                      I have noticed that often even when objects have been deleted from a SW file, their effect remain just as if those objects were still in the file. For instance I had a model that I made the mistake of generating a high level of detail in a circular feature pattern. The intent was to make a high detail and a low detail configuration that would allow me to keep the detail config for rendering and use the low detail config while editing. Needless to say it didn't matter which configuration was being used the system died every time I tried to load the file. I deleted everything relating to the high detail configuration, the circular pattern and even did the "save-as" trick with very little gain. I eventually redeemed the model by exporting it as a parasolid and using feature recognition on it. My point in all of this is that both instances, this model instance and the drawing issue I have above, show that the effects of bad data that has been deleted from a SW file remains to haunt the file its entire life. It would be more than useful for SW to make it a point to eliminate this extraneous data as an inherent part of the file save process. Please SW eliminate our past sins as far as the east is from the west!