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Popup toolbars not visible in dual monitor.  Pushpin.

Discussion created by Shan Lentine on Jan 21, 2010
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I just wanted to get this out there in case anyone else runs into this problem.  I am hoping to keep anyone from going as "batty" as I did when I was trying to figure the issue out.


The issue:  When a table is selected, the popup toolbar would not appear.  Also the "Pack and Go" toolbar would not appear and would make the user believe that SolidWorks froze, leading him to reboot.


I don't know if this issue is isolated to just people with dual monitors or if it can be reproduced on a single monitor.  I don't know when or how it happened, but I became the "go to guy" for anyone with SolidWorks questions.  I had two different people come to me with this issue, so I believe that there must be more people out there with the same issue.


The cause:  It seems that if these popup toolbars are "pinned" in place with the pushpin in the upper right corner that is exactly where they stay.  The table toolbar is the one that everyone I know pinns in a place out of the way because it always seems to pop up in the most inconvenient place when activated.  Well, if that toolbar is pinned and the user changes monitor resolution, primary monitor, or monitor position, the pinned toolbar can be pinned somewhere out in space and not in the viewing area of the monitor.  It still pops up like it should, but the user cannot see or interface with it.  In the case of the Pack and Go, it would essentially "freeze" SolidWorks since the user has to interface with it to continue.


Solution:  Right click on the Windows Desktop and click on "properties".  Activate the "Settings" tab in the "Desktop Properties" window.  Put the screen resolution slide bar all the way to the right for both monitors.  You can change it back after the issue is resolved, but it might mess up the order of the icons on the desktop.  In a dual monitor enviroment, you will notice that if you click and drag one of the monitors, you can actually set the relation of one monitor 360 degrees around the other.  You will also notice that you can change which monitor is primary.  Play with these settings and after every change, hit the "Apply" button in the Display Properties.  Then click on the table in a SW drawing.  Keep trying different combinations of primary monitor selection and relative positions until you find that popup toolbar and then immediately unpin it.


The display settings can then be put back to the user preference and the icons put back where they belong on the desktop.  The popup toolbar can be pinned again, but remember that if the Display Properties are modified again while it is pinned, the user runs the risk of experiencing the same issue again.


I hope this post will help someone and make finding the solution a lot less painful than it was for me.  If someone has an easier way to resolve this issue, I would be happy to hear it.


Windows XP Version 2002, SP 3

SolidWorks 2010, SP 1.0