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Flow arround rotating propeller

Question asked by Sahaj Panchal on Jan 21, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2010 by Alexander Carrasquillo

Hi there,

             I'm trying to analyze the fluid flow around an simple propeller with three blades (.sldprt, with a blade created by loft and than circular pattern).

             I've done this so far.....The simulation wizard > External Flow > rotation > Global Rotation (Z axis..3500 RPM) > Initial Vel. = 20 m/s in -z dir. (I've skipped other obvious steps to mention over here).

             Well, according to me, I dont see anything wrong in the simulation steps I've done above. But the simulation doesnt run. It never starts for the case. I've done the simulation without rotating conditions, it runs perfactly, but it's a propeller, it's built to rotate! So can anyone please tell me what could be the problem?


             Or simply how to setup an external simulation problem with global rotating frame?



Sahaj Panchal.