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Property manager page control Visible/Not Visible

Question asked by Antonio Amador on Jan 21, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2010 by Antonio Amador

I have this PropertyManagerPage controls that I'm declaring as IPropertyManagerPageCheckbox, IPropertyManagerPageCombobox or any other types. I can access their properties but can't access the properties that are supposed to be common to them all (e.g. Visible)


How can I set the control property Visible to true or false if my variables are declared as e.g. IPropertyManagerPageCheckbox?


I tried to cast them unsucessfuly.


I can access the Visible property if I declare the variable as IPropertyManagerPageControl, but then I cannot access the custom properties of the control (e.g. checked, caption...)

Aren't the methods and properties of IPropertyManagerPageControl supposed to be "A set of methods and properties common to all controls" ?


Note: I'm working in C#.


Diogo Borges,