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Parting-line (mold tools) versus ruled-surface?

Question asked by Christopher Thompson on Jan 21, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2010 by Kevin De Smet

I have not yet used the mold tools in SW2009. So I have a question regarding the benefits (Pro's & Con's) of using the PL feature (mold tools) versus a ruled surface when designing injection-molded parts. In this case, the draft (1/2 deg or 1 deg) is applied above and below the PL in the part file represented by a ruled surface.






What is the main reason to use the PL feature from the mold tools in the design of the injection-molded part (as opposed to a ruled-surface)? For those that design the mold tooling, what additional features are available in PL that is not already present in using a ruled-surface? If you know of a link or resource that discusses this, please post it.