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Hide 'unused' zero's in dimensions

Question asked by Checkcheck Master on Jan 21, 2010
Latest reply on May 14, 2010 by Dwight Livingston

In my document properties for drawings the decimal adjustement for dimensions is set to 3 decimals.

For example with a dimension 31.5 mm Solidworks shows me 31.500.

I'm not interested in the last two zero's, in my opinion mathematicly spoken they have no function at all.


Is there an other way then adjust the decimals to 1 digit to get rid of them ?

It would be comfortable to keep the 3 digit setting and Solidworks hidding automaticly the 'unused' zero's.

Otherwise with the 1 decimal setting as standard there is a risk that exact dimensions wich need the 3 decimals 'disapear'.


Greetings !