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SW-Config Name column in BOM that contain DT Driven Configs

Question asked by Daymon Hoffman on Jan 20, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2010 by Dwight Livingston



I think i'm seeing some kind of bug here and would like to see if anyone can re-produce this to narrow it down to my system or SolidWorks.


The Short Story...  Parts with Design Table driven configs arent showing up their config names in a column in a BOM.  They just show as blank cells.



The Long Story (if anyone cares for background info)...


I have been trying to set up a process for a project i'm doing to get components to show up in assemblies as different colors and have those different colored parts show up as different line items in a BOM.  OK great i can use configs of parts to show them in their alternate colors and this gives me options to show them up as different BOM line items and their respective QTYs.  Now the problem is i also wanted to use Design Tables in some parts to have use configs as some parts would benifit greatly from the speed of a design table definition/setup.  Problem is when i define such configs i also need each config to have different color configs.  "no prob" i thought as Derived Configs should be able to take care of that just fine.  Until each parts required to often have teh same color and there for, same named color configs (e.g. "Blue") which of course can't happen as SW wont let you create configs of the same name.  So its work around time. I just append the master config name to the Derived Config name in the design table so its automated and error free and i'll make-do with the dodgey color name showing up with extra text appended to the end (which i could deleete in an exported BOM if ineeded it perfectly pretty).  lovely!


Or so i thought...


Upon testing an assembly BOM everything was working as expected and i added a column to show "Config Name" to the BOM and it showed my colors perfectly,  untill i put a part in the assembly that had a Design Table.  The config names show up as blank cells in the BOM!!  And i have no idea why.


Can anyone duplicate this?  Is it a bug?  Am i missing some obvoius option somewhere?




PS.  SW2010 SP0 - Win7 x64 - 2 week old fresh install using Office 2010 official beta.