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This is how I transfer SW models to modo using MOI for file conversion.

Question asked by Ryan Laplante on Jan 20, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2010 by Ryan Laplante

Here is my complete work through to get near perfect results

from MOI importing IGES and exporting .lwo from SW 2008 to modo 301.


Open assembly in SW
"Save as"  IGES .igs
Under Options - Solid Surface features - Output as - "CHANGE TO" - Manifold Solid B-rep Object type 186.


Surface representation/system preference - standard
check box next to
Export 3d curve features
Use High Trim curve accuracy


IGES asembly structure
Save all components of an assembly in one file
Flatten assembly heirarchy


select OK


close / minimize SW


Open MOI
Set - options - general - to meters
Set Default Unit system - to Meters


Select all and rotate 90 around origin - This sets my model flat and centered on the work planes - you may or may not have to do this.




I use the following settings
Angle 12
Divide larger than .25 curved
Avoid smaller than .01 which is around 2" on my mesh
Aspect Ratio Limit 2


select OK


Oen .LWO in modo


Model should be near perfect geometry in Modo , with each part individually selectable for materials.


I will (probably) post some renders in the next few hours.