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Interference Detect won't treat subassy as component

Question asked by Daniel Nesthus on Jan 20, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2010 by Daniel Nesthus

I am dealing with embedded circuit boards with a few hundred components in my main assembly.  When I try to run the interference detection on the complete assembly it flags thousands of interferers, mostly at the component level on the circuit boards.  If I check the "Treat subassemblies as components", the detector seems to ignore the setting as if it can't determine the internal subassemblies at all.  If I check the box, then select all of the individual parts and subassemblies I don't get thousands of errors, but I do get a few hundred that are still limited exclusively to the circuit board subassemblies (electrical components that interfere with the circuit board itself, which I don't care about).


Can anyone else verify this problem?  I may be able to upload some sample circuit boards, if that would help.


I am working with SW2010 on Windows 7, NVIDIA's w/ proper drivers, 16GB of RAM.