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Problems showing sketches in drawings

Question asked by Derek Bishop on Jan 20, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2010 by Derek Bishop

I have a drawing of a weldment and want to use the sketches used to create the weldment beams as centre lines for the beams. I do this by selecting the sketch and then slecting the sketch conversion icon. I then hide the sketch.Any other thoughts on how to achieve this. I find the add centre line feature messy fro a number of reasons. On is that it is hard to select the edges of the beams. If you mis cue the whole view ends up with zillions of centre lines. You also cannot add sketch relations to the annotation centre line.


The problem has been trying to work out how to turn sketches on and off. There are a lot of different permutations. I can go into the part and hide or show the sketch in the feature tree. I can then turn the sketch on or off using the view sketches. In my case I use the "k" button to toggle view on or off.


If I go into the drawing I can again toggle the sketches on and off. If I want to hide sketches when view sketches is turned on I can go back into the part and try hiding the sketch in the part feature tree. However on returning to the drawing, refreshing the view and making sure it is referencing the last saved configuration, the sketch is still showing. To get it to hide in the drawing I have to select the sketch in the sketch feature tree and hide the sketch. If there are a numebr of parts with the sketch in the model, I have to hide each instance in the drawing if I don't want it to appear when the sketches are turned on. Any other thoughts on how to achieve this will be of interest.


My normal mode of operating in a drawing would be to have all sketches toggled off. To add centre lines I toggle the sketches on and select eh requried sketch. If I want to show a sketch that is hidden with sketch views turned on I have to do this from the drawing by selecting the sketch in the drawing feature tree RMB and select show. This seems to work even if the sketch is hidden in the part.

I've also had problems on occasions trying to get the sketches to show. About the only thing that seems to work is shutting down and restarting the program. Any ideas on what causes this to happen?