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Feature number limit for CircuitWorks Lite import?

Question asked by Brian Mc Cormack on Jan 20, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2013 by Sanjay H


Does anyone know whether there's a hard limit on the number of features CircuitWorks Lite can extract from an IDF file? I regularly try to import files with 2000+ features (as reported by the CW Lite dialog warning that also mentions using the full CW for performance reasons), but it's 50/50 whether the import works or SW hangs. I haven't done a pass/fail study on which file sizes work and which doesn't, but from memory they're all pretty similar. A quick Google found that the full CW is recommended for 600+ features, but only for speed reasons.


Using SW2008 Standard SP5, have SW2010 Standard but not installed yet - might this be better? I don't have the option to upgrade to Premium for full CW. Import speed isn't really a problem as I can leave it running overnight if necessary.


Thanks for your help.