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Dispatch checks in previous document version when document is modified through dispatch using before check-in activation

Question asked by Jason Lynch on Jan 19, 2010

I have created an ASCII file template in html format. I have set up a dispatch script to trigger when a document using this template is checked in to the vault. This trigger occurs prior to the check-in event occuring. When this trigger occurs I overwrite the local file with one generated by the dispatch script. I use a parameter file so that the template file is used and the contents of the template get replaced with my variable values from the data card (local version). As a result the local document should now contain the updated information that was saved in the local data card. After the local document is updated it should then perform the check-in. I expect that the document being checked in should be the updated local document that was modified by dispatch but this is not the case. It appears to the user that this is happening until the file is checked out at a previous version and then the user retrieves the latest version again. The data card shows the changed values but the file contents do not. Does anyone know of any way around this problem for me?



1. Check out the html document.

2. Make changes to the data card.

3. Apply and save the changes to the data card.

4. Check the html document back in. After check-in the preview shows the changes to the file contents and also shows the local version matching the version in the vault.

5. Get a previous version of the html document.

6. Then get the latest version from the vault. The preview will show old values contained within the file but the data card will show the changed values correctly.