Route Properties

Discussion created by Guest on Jul 20, 2006
So after all I found in the configurations of the butt weld reducer that there is only a schedule 40 configuration available out of the box. So that changes every segment after the reducer to schedule 40 and re-buld errors with other fittings. I can only assume that the other fittings that are giving me trouble have the same deal.

Do you know if this is the case or is this a problem with my license. I talked my company into buying this package since it says it has a full library of basic fittings. So far I've had issues about:

-RMB-add fitting causes re-build errors.. Must drag and drop.
-Add to route as explained in the manual is a bad move.
-All the threaded 90's had a bad elbow arc sketch.
-No socket weld library.
-Many of the fittings have missing or bad configs.

I have no problem editing this library but when I have to get a job done and run into these issues It sets me back. At my last company we had to create our own library since we had no router. My issue is that if I fix all these now, then 2007 comes out will I have to do it all over again?