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ER: Freehand Curves!

Question asked by Adrian Velazquez on Jan 18, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2010 by Adrian Velazquez

Just marketing my idea:


I added a sugestion (ID:1543) on the Brainstorm Site. I don't do ergonomic design for my job, but I do it a lot for hobby. I would like the option of being able to draw a curve directly on a sketch in SW using my Pen Table (Wacom Intuos 4 or Cintiq). I don't know how SW hasn't implementet this yet, it's so basic, this makes SW weak for conceptual design (of consumer products).


It takes time and money to freehand a design and then going to the tedious process of importing it to get a Spline in SW. the current options:


1.Draw curve on paper, scan it, bring image into SW, create overlaping spline.

2.Draw curve on SketchBook Pro,bring image into SW, create overlaping spline.

3.Draw curve on Adobe Illustrator, import it in to SW.


I think these three options are lame for a software that is $5K+