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Cosmos express giving same results - steel vs aluminum - 2-200 lbs of force

Question asked by Ryan Laplante on Jan 18, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2010 by Bill McEachern

I get the exact same stress distribution and deformed shape of my model if I spec it as 3k or 6k aluminum or alloy steel, and range from 2-200 lbs of force.



I tried closing down model and re-opening, re-starting cosmos express, as well as using the start -over command available through cosmos expresss.


I also went back through and did the cosmos express tutorial and guess what??  Same results for the load bearign hook at 1 Lb as at 1500lbs.  This is following the tutorial  and already having it done a few times.



Is this a bug in SW 2008 SP3.1?


Q2.  We need to change material properties and thickness and run cosmosexpress 10-20 times with different parameters of input to judge deflection in metal tables.


Q3.  I get the correct FOS - example for the hook at .2 Lb the FOS 92714 is at 2,000 lbs is  FOS is 5.6228   the stress distribution and the deformed shape of the model do not change.


I am trying to get this information to china on about 40 tables by the end of the week?


I have 2010 sitting here but will probably lose a weeks worth of work changing over, and would rather not till SP2 lol.