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How often do you Convert Bodies to Sheetmetal ?

Question asked by Pankaj Bir on Jan 16, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2010 by Pankaj Bir

Dear All,


This is really  has to do with a fundamental  design approach adopted in the modeling and designing  of sheetmetal parts.

I'm really interested in knowing about the experience and method used in designing of the parts.


I kind of liken it surface and solid modelling .

Using the sheetmetal tools really is building the part face by face like in surface  modelling . Slow but has its own

benefits that the flattening can be ensured after each new sheetmetal feature is added. Also allows for some complex

corner matching etc to be performed interactively like with mitre etc.

Really it boils down to what method you really are more comfortable with and the level of parametric capability  that

you ultimately want to build.

It also has to do with the confidence of being able to flatten the geometry created successfully at the end of unconventional

loop of not starting the modelling as sheetmetal.


Hope I really get a few examples and ideas and interesting methods employed by people using sheetmetal in so

many different ways .



Pankaj Bir