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    Create Part/Asm on Student Edition, Open on Premium

    Sean Gaffney
      My work has the full version of Solidworks Premium 2009, and I'm thinking of purchasing the Education/Student version for my home computer.  I realize the Education/Student version will print a watermark "For Educational Use Only", but what would happen if I created a part/asm on the Education/Student version, saved the file, then opened it up on a Premium Edition at work and printed from the Premium Edition?  Would the watermark still be present?  Thanks.
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          Anna Wood

          Yes, you will get a watermark.  SolidWorks does this so you do not do exactly what you propose.  Use a low cost version of SolidWorks for commercial work.


          You can do a home install of your Premium seat.  There are two activations of SolidWorks available for a stand alone license.  One for the office and one for home use.  Read the SolidWorks EULA for the details on the home activation.