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Custom Properties & Bill of Materials

Question asked by Colin Nicholson on Jan 16, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2010 by Colin Nicholson

Firstly the scenario;

Have a large main assembly with many subassemblies. Have been creating exploded views of each subassembly and then create drawing of the exploded subassembly and insert BOM and balloons to the individual parts.Then the following sheets have detailed views 1 or more sheets to each part. My Bom on sheet 1 (exploded Subassembly) is from a template I created earlier that has links to custom properties.

As I created each part I assigned a custom property template to it and populated the relevent info. I have 3 different custom property templates,

1 for Profile cut parts which has material, plate thickness, quantity, process = selection- laser cut, Plasma Cut,

1 for Machined Parts with relevant options

1 for Purchased Parts

Issue: I have some common custom properties in all 3 custom property templates such as supplier. How do I link the 1 Supplier column in the drawing BOM to all 3 Supplier custom properties from the different custom properties templates ?


Hope that makes sense