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Bend Angle  180 - Current Angle being displayed by Solidworks

Question asked by Pankaj Bir on Jan 16, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2012 by Chris Manger

The supplementary bend angle is required to be displayed on the sheetmetal flat pattern annotations being

created by Solidworks.

If the drawing document is being used in the shop to program a CNC machine, manually on the fly : then in all

current probability the operator is being forced to calculate this angle by subtracting 180 degrees from the angle

being displayed by Solidworks.


An enhancement request to allow the bend angle being displayed to be customizable has already been filed for.


In addition it would also be useful to make the display of  90 degree bend angles optional. They are most often

encountered. Cluttering the drawing with meaningless annotations really defeats the purpose of clarity and simplicity.


Since Solidworks Day is around the corner I thought this could be some food for thought  - especially for Wayne since

he seems to be the official spokesperson to Solidworks on behalf of the community for Sheetmetal.


Pankaj Bir