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    'Custom Properties' tab problem (SW2009)

    Bob Miller

      I have a drawing that has custom file property named 'Scale' that has a value of: $PRP:"SW-Sheet Scale" (note quotes) and in the drawing Format there is a text item in the Title block area that contains $PRP:"Scale"   When the drawing is created with a part or assembly the title fills in the default view's scale.


      This has been working correctly since before SW2001 with a huge number of drawing files.


      Now, in SW2009, it still works UNTIL I turn 'on' the 'Custom Properties' tab by having it use a custom property template (.drwprp) file which I've created with the same properties as our standard.  The template files contains: <Control Label="Scale" PropName="Scale" ApplyTo="Global" Type="TextBox" DefaultValue="$PRP:&quot;SW-Sheet Scale&quot;" Mode="Text" />  at which point the property in the drawing 'loses' it quotes, becomes: $PRP:SW-Sheet Scale (NO quotes) and the text $PRP:SW-Sheet Scale is displayed in the titles block both on screen and when printing.


      Also: If I manually add the quotes in  'Custom Properties' tab at first the drawing is fixed until I do a rebuild at which point the quotes go away and the drawing becomes bad again.


      BTW: the quotes are also removed for the "$PRP:&quot;SW-Current Sheet&quot; of $PRP:&quot;SW-Total Sheets&quot;" link but that still displays correctly.  Also I'm using SW2009, SP5


      Anyone else see this? Any fix ideas?


      Thanks, Bob Miller, Omnica

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          Bob Miller
          A work-a-round: by eliminating the property that uses DefaultValue="$PRP:&quot;SW-Sheet Scale&quot;"  from the drawing property (.drwprp) file, the 'Custom Properties' tab won't remove the quotes.  This just means that if the user needs to manually change the 'Scale' propertry (such as to 'None') then they will need to do so using File\Properties.