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    Can't bend spiral

      Yes, i tryed that too but I stop trying when I realized that I have no clue how I bend spiral
      I have only about three month experience using SW and all training I have had is of this kind of programs is from AutoCad and SW's tutorial book..
        • Can't bend spiral
          New to SW and CAD? You must be having some fun...

          What you are trying to do will be slow to rebuild and difficult to work with. If you don't need an actual helix, I recommend you use a swept circle to represent it.

          To make a helix that follows a path:

          1-Make a curve to define the path.
          2-Place a plane perpendicular to the path, at the end of the path.
          3-On this plane, sketch a straight line from the end of the path out to the radius of the spring.
          4-Create a swept surface using this line and the path, using the "twist along path" option.
          5-Open a 3dSketch and use "convert entities" to make a copy of the edge of the sweep feature. This will be a helix which follows your path.
          • Can't bend spiral
            ok, here is the spiral http://mandula.pp.fi

            i made shorter spiral and i was able to bend it with no problems at all so it is possible that i have hardware or software problem?
            • Can't bend spiral
              It does seem like it should work. Has your VAR looked at the file yet?

              Have you looked at sweeping along a bent helix instead of using flex? Flex is notiriously difficult to control and is going to have monster rebuild times conpared to one or several sweeps.
              • Can't bend spiral
                I don't know what the problem is, but someone might be better able to help if you could post a copy of the part file. The problem is probably geometry-specific.
                • Can't bend spiral
                  ok, when i move Flex Options slide from PropertyManager about 2/3 to right program don't give any errors but my bended spiral becomes invisible unless i click on it but it doesn't even look like spiral anymore..
                  any ideas??
                  • Can't bend spiral
                    When I try bend sprial 45 degrees from one end error message says "Self intersecting surface could not be created." but preview seems to be OK.

                    help please