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Exporting SW Assemblies

Question asked by Jason Hogue on Jan 14, 2010

I am trying to export an assembly containing approx. 4500 parts and 6000 bodies to a *.sat file.  For some reason SW crashes and will not convert this assembly.  I have had no problems converting smaller assemblies in the past so the software "should" not be the problem.


I have also tried saving the assembly as a *.part file instead but I get the following error:

" This operation is not supported because it will create invalid geometry (the bounding box of the geometry can not be greater than 1000 meters)"

The model is no where near 1000m.


1.  Can someone hightlight any common issues with exporting SW assy's to *.sat files.  I am using Version 7 conversion and exporting 3d surfaces.

2.  What could cause the error when I try and save as a part file.  I have checked for hidden/suppressed items that might be located out side of my model.


Machine specs.

Windows XP 32bit Sp4

Xeon 2.67Ghz Processor

3Gb Ram

Nvidia Quadro FX3800 Graphics

SW2009 Sp5.0


Thanks in advance