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    Pipe Spools

    Darryl Gillespie

      We are new to Solidworks.  Our company deals with packaged mechanical rooms, prefab Chiller/boiler plants that type of thing.

      We are doing alot of butt welded pipe, threades,copper and socket welds as well.  After having the routing training, one of the major issues is the creation of pipe spools, and i was hoping someone would have some ideas that we haven't thought of so far.

      Here is the issue...Within the plant there will be multiple pipe routes, each containing several welded pipe spools.  What is the best way to break-up the route into spools so that they can be detailed in a drawing, and also called out in assembly drawings.

      Our best idea was to edit each route, create configutations which would be the spools, and then use the component reference and set it to the spool name for the longest pipe segment for each configuration(spool).  Then on the assembly drawing (which would contain at least the entire route if not multiple routes) we could use a balloon to call out the each SpoolName.

      Is this the easiest way?




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          Darryl Gillespie

          The ability to create spools as Sub-route assemblies after the main route was formed would be nice!

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            Jim Radney
            What is a pipe spool?
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                Darryl Gillespie
                A pipe spool is a welded section of pipe including all welded fittings.  Essentially a pipe part to send to the welding shop for fabrication.  It can be as small as two flanges welded together, or can contain multiple fittings pipes and branches. so long as it is considered to be one welded part.  Often a route can contain several spools.
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                    Craig Fuller

                    Hi Darryl,

                    I ran into the same problem when I started using routing. Our company builds packaged pumpsets for boilers, sounds like we might be in a similar field. What i do for pipe spools is I layout pipe sections (suction, discharge, condensate, etc.) as separate routes. Then I use display states to make spools for each spool in a pipe section. I hide components to show only the spool I want. Making a route for each spool gets to complicated. Using the display states makes editing a lot easier.

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                        Mark Coville

                        Hi Craig,


                        When using display states, do you do separate BOM's for each spool? Is this even possible? Or do you do 1 BOM and reference it?



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                            Craig Fuller


                            I use a separate BOM for the pipe system. For example I'll have a route assembly called Suction Piping. I'll show a BOM for just this assembly, I'll use display stated to produce views of individual pipe spools. This make it easier for the fabricators to see what they need for "suction piping" and they don't have to flip through the drawing to get to the BOM. I'll see if I can post a example of my spool layout.

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                                Peter De Vlieger

                                Recently we started to experiment with a different method then using display states. Because with display states it's still a hassle when something chances as well as it is far from convinient for BOM's.


                                We went down the road of 1 ASM for an entire route. In this ASM we don't just have the one PIPE but divide the run into spoolparts before detailing the pipe and create several PIPE's in it.


                                E.g.:  ISO_01_sludge.asm





                                Disadvantage :

                                - when something drastic alters in a route, lots need to be changed

                                - slows down workflow



                                - if something only needs to alter in one spoolpiece then the changes are minimal as well as there's only one construction drawing that needs to change as well as a reprinting needed of the overal drawing.

                                - easier to make spoolpiece drawings with a quickly generated BOM that only shows the actual spoolpiece content without needing to fiddle with hiding or manually altering things