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Pipe Spools

Question asked by Darryl Gillespie on Jan 14, 2010
Latest reply on May 26, 2011 by Peter De Vlieger

We are new to Solidworks.  Our company deals with packaged mechanical rooms, prefab Chiller/boiler plants that type of thing.

We are doing alot of butt welded pipe, threades,copper and socket welds as well.  After having the routing training, one of the major issues is the creation of pipe spools, and i was hoping someone would have some ideas that we haven't thought of so far.

Here is the issue...Within the plant there will be multiple pipe routes, each containing several welded pipe spools.  What is the best way to break-up the route into spools so that they can be detailed in a drawing, and also called out in assembly drawings.

Our best idea was to edit each route, create configutations which would be the spools, and then use the component reference and set it to the spool name for the longest pipe segment for each configuration(spool).  Then on the assembly drawing (which would contain at least the entire route if not multiple routes) we could use a balloon to call out the each SpoolName.

Is this the easiest way?