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2010 SP 2.0 Mating issues

Question asked by Tim Dunbar on Jan 14, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2010 by Tim Dunbar

Is anyone else experiencing crashes during mating?  I have been working on this project/machine for a couple weeks now, I haven't had any crashing issues at all.  Monday afternoon I installed SP 2 and since then I have been crashing like crazy during Mating.  I've gone about mating in a few different ways, but all of the crashes occur once the part starts to move into place.  Everything freezes and solidworks shuts down.  I've duplicated the crash and sent it to Solidworks.


Is there an easy way to go back to SP 1.0?


Windows 7 64 bit Pro

2010 SP 2.0

Xeon 2.0

8gb ram

FX 1800