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Question asked by Thomas Jackson on Jan 14, 2010

Hey I need some help with this and have not done it before.


I need to do a couple of things:

1)  I have a very large assembly that is composed of various sub-assemblies that within the sub-assemblies has not only parrts, but also assemblies.  I need to do an indenture BOM that will reflect it, in some areas I have the main assembly with some parts and maybe 2 or more assemblies


2) How do I edit the headers on the BOM to reflect the META Data entered with the parts and assemblies.


3) How do I split the table to fit on the drawing (11 x 17)


4) Save out the Excel table to be used buy others and can it be reinserted back into the drawing with the changes.


I have a screen shot of the assembly tree.


Thanks for the help