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Creating a sheet metal part from a part

Question asked by Reno Simpson on Jan 14, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2010 by Reno Simpson

SW 2008


I create part one (1)

Mirrored part (1), call it part (2)

Than crated part (3) that joins both parts 1&2


Part 1&2 are parallel and flat, 1” apart.

Part 3 is a half of a pipe, created by two arc’s.

This half of a pipe joins the edge of part 1&2.


I then created part (4) that just joins part 1,2&3 as one


How do I turn this into sheet metal so I can flatten it for a pattern.

I’ve used the Base tool then tried the bend tool on 1&2 where they meet 3

But all I get is errors.