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    References in the Open Dialog

      I know i can get around this using SW explorer, but in previous versions of solidworks, on the open dialog box, if you hit references, you could get a file browser to come up and just select a replacement file.  Now it comes up with a table and you can only manually type in the file name or change the folder.  And there's a useless "replace" button that for some reason does a "find and replace" like you'd expect to see in a word processor (it finds and replaces individual words, see image below).  Does anyone know how to get back that functionality that seems to have been lost with 2010?  Is there a better way?  Is this a bug and the replace button should pop up the file browser?  I'd typically do this to re-link a drawing to different part or assembly model.



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          Kenneth Barrentine

          "double click + ctrl key" on the icon.

          logical as hell ... no?


          there was a discussion about this just the other day, but i don't remember where it is.

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            Josh Brady
            Ctrl+DoubleClick on an item to bring up the familiar dialog.  There are other threads here if you want more detail.
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              Found my own answer, I suppose i should have searched harder in the begining.  Maybe this will help still help someone with the same issue.


              I'm not sure how to link to it, but it's in Solution ID S-045011


              "In the SolidWorks File, Open dialog, the "References" button allows users to change the referenced files of a drawing or assembly.  Prior to SolidWorks 2009 SP5 and SolidWorks 2010 SP1, double-clicking on the name of a referenced file launched the Windows browse dialog to allow the user to browse for a replacement. Due to a change in SolidWorks 2009 SP5 and 2010 SP1 double-clicking on the name of a referenced file does nothing. This is a software issue reported to the SolidWorks Development team under SPR 528194.

              Temporary Workaround: Ctrl+Double-Click

              Resolution: A hot fix is now available and attached to this Knowledge Base Solution.
              HotFix_528194_2009.exe should be applied to SolidWorks 2009 SP5.
              HotFix_528194_2010.exe should be applied to SolidWorks 2010 SP1.
              Once the hotfix is applied, the Browse dialog can be opened by selecting then double-clicking the cell.

              To implement the hotfix run (double click) the program "HotFix_528194_2009.exe" or "HotFix_528194_2010.exe" when SolidWorks is NOT running. Please note that this hotfix should be uninstalled from Add/Remove Programs (Programs and Features in Vista) before applying any future service pack.  It should be listed as "SolidWorks Hotfix 528194".

              Note: Please verify the Task Manager and make sure that sldworks.exe is not running in the background which could cause the error message "Failed to Patch Specific Product".  Killing the process and rerunning the patch works fine."

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                  Andy Sanders

                  You can also triple click it!  It does the same thing as Cntr+Doubleclick.


                  Next we will have different functions for every command, based on how many clicks we do.


                  Double click on file to open it.

                  Triple click on file to change it's reference

                  Quadruple click on file to rename it

                  Quintuple (?) click on it to delete it.


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                  Seems it's fixed with SP2.  And by fixed, i mean, double clicking works (no control or triple click).  Still not sure what the replace button is supposed to do though as it has stayed the same.