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SolidWorks Page File Usage (Virtual Memory)

Question asked by 1-N66ZLA on Jan 13, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2010 by Adam Szczepaniec
I have a concern regarding SolidWorks' page file usage and wondering if anyone else can verify my findings. I currently am running Windows 7 x64 with 4GB of RAM installed and SolidWorks 2010 x64 SP2.0. I believe it is behaving the same in all 2010 releases and regardless of OS. I made the switch to 64 due to severe crashing in SW and extremely high pagefile usage (i.e. SW running out of memory) so I had been monitoring the Memory>Pages Output/sec in the Performance Monitor in Windows XP (32). After installing Windows 7, I wanted to see the difference and it was phenomenal. With the same files and operations where XP was running at least 96% on the page file, Windows 7 is at 0%. The exception and my concern is when running exploded views and exploded view sketches. As soon as I open an exploded view the page file output instantly goes to 100% on Windows 7 but the hardware RAM usage actually drops. This tells me that SolidWorks appears to be limiting the exploded view processing of memory to the page file rather than using available RAM.